", Weld nearly scoffed. Weve got Dragons and Heroes, some better, some worse. But don't play games with my affection, 5.9 Rondo Welcome to new Brocktonites, have a look around. the restrictions that the Entity Eden put on Contessa's Path to Victory power made her completely unable to model or plan for the Entities, the Endbringers or their plan, but. She can float at a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour; as Taylor noted, a decent frame of reference would be Olympic-sprinting fast, but slower than most flying capes. There are a few pact Alt!powers out ther you might want to check out. "We're working to get more of the process automated, so we can free up more of ourself for more contracts, but as it is, demand is high.". Just thinking about that made me cringe inside. Since Taylor and Contessa triggered simultaneously and nearby, Taylor's bud tried to ping off Contessa and Contessa's shard tried to ping off Taylor, causing the Shard to think it was somehow pinging itself and go into a feedback loop until it disabled the restrictions in order to figure out what had happened and fix it. Alt-power Taylor in the Worm verse with butterflies in play before the canon locker scene. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Nearly. When Lord Doom steals Armsmaster's tinkertech motorcycle, promptly crashes it, and then flies away into the sky while laughing, "Armsmaster said some things that were probably not PR approved." ", Weld's eyes widened and he turned to look at her. Finding The Path - Taylor has the PtV, fic doesn't take itself too seriously. I want things like Alma Wade!Taylor or Grudge or The Ring!Taylor or Dominion!Taylor. XXX Taylor sighed as she locked up the store. Taylor discovers that she can also smear the smear (e.g., smearing something up, then smearing the smear itself to the right), resulting in the object following the path of the smear (up then right), if the object is light enough. The four year old glanced up, a bright smile on her face as she ran back to where her parents lay . Leviathan rises from the bays depthsNi, 6.3 Crescendo Pump up the jam, pump it up. All Taylor had to do was touch the right person and every Taylor would have knowledge of how to get into the Protectorate database. Her fists clenched, "I have to. Lord Doom is a Worm fanfiction posted on Spacebattles Dot Com, here. Taylor the Shopkeeper Summary: In a world without Endbringers, Taylor just wanted to run her store in peace. Is it different from my other fics? "Some files had to be omitted." No shading, no different lighting to give things nuances to their colors; I. LORD DOOM WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT HIS NAME IS SPELLED WITH ALL CAPS.. He hasn't gone. The whole world seemed to have stilled. Taylor gets manipulated by Mrs. Abbotson, an old friend of Annette's, in the wake of her first Path- that to getting cookies. Taylor informed him. He was a way for Taylor to escape, to be someone else for a little while, a person that had none of her problems or issues. Well, maybe it is more to the tune of a Slaanesh Horde of Chaos Marines. Title says it all, it was a fic where Taylor met Brad, Melody and Stormtiger (forgot what his name was) at a gym masks off and formed a sort of friendship. Got through the rest of the posted material and I just love this to bits. Taylor's going to love that power soon enough. Taylor nodded as she took Weld's phone inspecting it. Taylor frowned. She said with only a hint of a sigh. Its function is awkward and inconsistent enough that she still needs day-to-day professional assistance to go out in public. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. In 1-2 more chapters the S9 arc will push over 100,000 words and almost 1/4 of the story. Nonetheless I'm the one who Protectorate chose as their representative.". Excellent a new story to read, just in time for the holidays. --it does have a different title, so yes. It's a bit complicated to explain but it's pretty good Thinker fic imo. From the perspective of anyone else, I materialized in my room with a gasp. My own fic Claim The Spoils has her with Victor's power, able to know what skills other people have and drain them from them. Press J to jump to the feed. As it was, Weld was walking in blind. For someone who isn't, it's a footnote about the person unless they're extremely close to them. Methuselah (original vampire alt!power) has some hints of it but might not quite fit. From the start he had been a mask Taylor could put on that would let her confront the world. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). The fic ends with Taylor asking Contessa if her plans were worth it, while Contessa answers she does not know. Taylor sees through the eyes of anyone that has any part of her in their field of vision. ", Weld let his head fall back against his chair. Based it around the idea that observing a thing changes the thing. Oh Good Hunter looks like it might be headed that way. "The tour is over. Thankfully for her, she's gotten quite adept at hiding the bodies. Time lapsed: 30 seconds. She outspeeded Taylor's clap alchemy (in the tar pit) and then created several, seemingly quite complicated creatures, in the matter of seconds, some of them literally on the fly. "I told you this this secret of mine because I want you to understand. Taylor's other two powers do not function in this state. This is an informational threadmark discussing the overall premise of the fic, especially Taylors power. Ltd. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram. There's chronic pain/illnesses, developmental disabilities like ASD, specific learning disabilities, mental illness, personality disorders, sleep disorders, and various genetic disorders. JavaScript is disabled. Weld closed the file and focused on the thrum of the helicopter's blades. Taylor cannot enter her Breaker state while observed, and she cannot exit her Breaker state if so doing would cause her to be observed. Taylor's power is like the Cenobites, Amara from F.E.A.R. Going to sleep now. Hmm I'm interested to see where you're going with this lot of different things you could do. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The only thing separating Brockton Bay from the rest of the world. She doesn't officially join the group, but she works with them extensively and exclusively. Since both of them were close to each other, both shard buds pinged off each other to communicate and modify each other, and the recursive modification caused a feedback loop that eventually caused Path to Victory to reset itself without any restrictions, She would deny until her dying day that she cried, almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. "An older model, communicator only?" "Yeah." At some point since meeting her, she must have communicated his needs to herself and they had found Weld a chair he could actually sit on. Doing factory work while others", His guide cut him off. The Taylors didn't just replace their hosts, they subsumed them. https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/worm-nine-lives-of-the-calico-new-litter-lucky-seven-complete.41492/. A subreddit to discuss fanfics for Wildbow's works! Press J to jump to the feed. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Also I propose the cape name Glow Sticks for the Lols. ", Taylor nodded satisfied, "Not to boast, but yes, we're proud of what we've managed.". One of the best fics I've ever read and it makes me weep that it's dead, "It's okay, Mr. Ethan. The hours I was in there had messed with my eyes and the last few days everything had gone from murky to just a mess of grays where any sort of light was painful. So Taylor with AOE music powers that include rapid full regeneration type healing. Camera Shys Taylor is a grab-bag cape whose primary ability is a strange Breaker state. Day of the Tentacle, where she's a multiple amputee and tinkers up brain-controlled prosthetics. This seems like it's going to be a real good story. It's interesting to see an alt Taylor who doesn't have major league powers. I was going to ask but the story answered, she, Wandering Eyes [non-canon][Kiss/Kill speculation], Loves me, Loves me not [non-canon][Kiss/Kill speculation], Canon Clockblocker meets Camera Shy Clockblocker [non-canon][crack! Why hold back the sleeper cells? If she really pushes this power, she can blow out light bulbs, but that's the strongest effect she's managed to generate. They are not affected in any way other than being pushed; the smear effect is likely just Taylors subjective experience of her power, or at most an effect confined to her Breaker-state world. He's so distinctly not human, it's interesting to see how normal things that we take for granted fail to apply to him. We especially love the use of the power by Taylor and the way in which her Cape persona is manifesting to be some kind of phantom vigilante is amazing! Still, her advice had been sound and Weld used the ambient white noise to clear his thoughts. Scion and Eden were not mates, as much as they were a drug dealer and her bodyguard/best client - so she gets Blasto to make some weed and hands it to Scion. Percussive AOE healing? Not generic the way people in magazine ads looked, but the sort of ordinary youd see on the bus. The story begins with Taylor encountering a homeless man in the rain and offering her umbrella to keep him dry. So many things to explore. It also has the effect of putting Leet in reach of Contessa's machinations, reducing her ultimate plan by several steps. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. If he was any other man, he might have been excited. The same wide mouth, the same thin figure even the same curly brown hair. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ", "I haven't forgotten." But before she can make enough to be a serious hero, she'll need some starting . Cutting Ties - Taylor uses Jack Slash's Thinker power to make friends. the Brockton Bay General security cameras giving me an aerial view of my own hunched form. When time resumes, smeared objects are pushed in the direction and intensity of said smear. I was blind. Taylor is a dragon wyvern. Hebert: Wind of Death (Taylor gets a Book of Nagash from Arkhan the Black of Warhammer Fantasy, maybe dead?). Things had been surreal before, now it felt like madness. Ooo, definitely a fun start. But before she can make enough to be a serious hero, she'll need some starting capital, and that's much easier to do as a villain TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. My name is Taylor. She gestured for him to sit. Yea, those are great horror, here's the first of the three snippets. In fact if there was, Weld suspected that would have just slowed down production. "I suppose that's true." Why? So far, Taylor's augments seem to work best if she's been applying her percussive skills beforehand, they need to test the limits of that. SupCom altpower. "Are you already aware of my rules?". "Taylor!" He called out, catching the girl's attention. A Corpse in the Graveyard [Worm][CYOA v6][OC][AU][Canon Divergence], Last Knight on Earth Bet [Post-GM][Ward][Canon Divergence]. Taylor goes to Harry Potter, and solves the saga in two years. Like a winding river, it may flow past familiar shores or cut its own path through solid rock. ][references the PHO interlude], Camera Shy is an Alt-Power fic, not an AU fic, Delays due to unfortunate correlation between the story and real life, Reader Feedback Request (for those caught up to 3.1 only! And a disabled unpowered Taylor cannot really hold a fic bigger than a one-shot. Still the folder seemed remarkably thin for what the media was calling "the next Nilbog. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. When Weld didn't get an answer, he looked up to see Piggot tired as she was, glaring at him, the muscles in her neck tensed. her powers get stronger the greater the number of people who fear her and the deeper fear they feel, An umbrella and a bowling ball in a sling bag, looking directly into the cameras she is being watched through. "This and no weapons to speak of." Besides himself, of course, but that was better left unsaid. Might wander into crack territory from time to time. Looking for Taylor meets Hookwolf at the gym. --it does have a different title, so yes. Things are changed beforehand and echoed through the dotted lines of the stations, but not tied to them. Any area which is directly observed appears as absolute blackness when in this state, this blackness does not block Taylor's ghost-world vision. Taylor tinkers up drones, pushing New Wave back into the fray. Contessa is mildly annoyed that she's gained a few pounds because of Taylor, but takes it in good humor. I only had another week left before I was supposed to go back to school. "To be perfectly honest, Weld. Flames, where she uses illusionist powers to get around missing an eye. Afraid enough that they won't just attack when they think they can get away with it. Pretending to be totally blind even when I could see my surroundings through someone else wasnt nearly as hard as you might think. Weld noticed one of the Taylors at the assembly line slowing down, the miniscule pause noticeable from how much it deviated and the effect rippled down the line. And if you're concerned about some sort of class system," She pointed to the girl who had first slowed the assembly line. The sun reflected off his chrome skin with a bright sheen. It's well, a Peggy Sue story, with pre-cannon (by a few months) Taylor having memories up to Leviathon (I think that's where it was, can't 100% remember), smol Skitter is just as scary but makes up for her lost height with misunderstandings everywhere. TruckerMan. axe throwing layton Day of the Tentacle, where she's a multiple amputee and tinkers up brain-controlled prosthetics. I suppose youre the Protectorates representative? She said more than she asked. The Protectorate hadn't mentioned that in the file. At about the time Taylor triggered, she collapsed to the ground - one fact that's known about Trigger Events is that they knock out every Parahuman in the immediate vicinity for a short time. Instead of controlling bugs, she's a Tinker who can make tiny drones. It was tiny from where he stood. He proceeds to ride Hookwolf like a bronco, humiliating him and making him completely miss the fact that the Undersiders are looting everything not nailed down. If he stood in it long enough, he might even feel warm. There was surprisingly little difference between a drone and a missile; her power seemed to have zero issues with expendable use-once drones controlled from miles away. Taylor turned on her heel and headed for the door on her end of the hut. ", "I have to make it worth it, Weld." So much more straightforward. Her dad had taken the incredibly intelligent and rational route of coping with this by denying his teenage daughter in Brockton Bay a cell phone for her safety. They'd perform crime upon crime upon crime, and then brag about how dangerous they were, even as they ran away from any law-enforcement that might stand a chance at bringing them in. You took Brockton Bay over in four weeks and then you just stopped at the city limits. Definitely a strong mover power, but a thinker primary. and Samara from the Ring got together in Silent Hill and decided to mix and match powers to grant Taylor. I eventually decided to appear in front of her, but close enough that the dangerous end of the long rifle was. Weld blinked slowly. 1.3 Adagio Three Capes a Caping, Two Good Friends, One Majorette and a New Face is Meeting Our T. You must log in or register to reply here. Please consider turning it on! to see how many boys still checked me out. The band kids will get Brute ratings just from their training. Intrepid, where she effectively has locked-in syndrome until Faultline arranges for a tinkered suit to compensate. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", 1. Two beetles crawled on a drunk man in what was probably the emergency room, off in the distance. I noticed that Stormtigers defensive blast earlier had knocked some of my hair loose, and it hung down out of the thick hood. Therapy is a Worm Fanfic by frommerman. Mind, I was already posting when I saw yours. The name is Weld, nice to meet you.. Consider it watched. Ah I spoke too soon. However, this exhaustion is not felt in the real world, and remaining in the real world allows her to recover at roughly a ten-to-one ratio (for every ten seconds in the ghost world, she needs one in the real world to recover). If today has proven anything, it's that I'm working to help. Was interesting cause it went with the concept and I wanna give it a reread but can't remember what the rest of the fic was about. ", "A threat." Weld sat. Path to Munchies is a Worm fan fiction by Merle Corey, completed in April 2017. Im looking forward to how this one goes. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'll pass your proposal to the Protectorate. And if I have to read "Then I went ghost" one more time I swear to GoD someone's getting hurt. Or what was left of it. This would have been a bit easier if only certain new villains hadn't cropped up around the same time whose powers seem suspiciously correlated with her own. Weld wondered if she was going to leap and tackle him. For more information, please see our They they're a part of me now.". "Is that really what you believe?" Or maybe you've got something big planned for Taylor to step up with. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Taylor and Contessa's last conversation in the fic has Taylor asking Contessa if all her actions were worth it. "Yeah. Depending on what he said or did, the Protectorate and the US army were fully willing to just bomb the whole region to dust and be done with it. Summary: Taylor Hebert triggers with a rather strange ability, and this causes the domino effect across the events of Brockton Bay, where creatures of sexual lust and living make their home, and Taylor becomes the Breeder taking care of them. The Protectorate therapist had encouraged him to take up meditation to make up for his lack of sleeping. Not primarily. I've had the same thought, but I think it comes down to a simple thing: Unless you have a serious disability, you don't tend to really think about it, do you? I don't know where to begin. Thanks to Contessa's jailbroken Path to Victory, Legend gets to her before she breaks down and recruits her into the Protectorate, After Contessa returns from successfully removing her power's restrictions on what it could plan around by getting it to bud off another parahuman, Eidolon realises that it means that there's a second person with access to the Path to Victory and they may need to silence her if necessary. The door to Brockton Bay. For someone that's disabled, it's a gigantic part of your life every day.
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